How MAGNiTT Can Help?

We offer comprehensive assistance, from identifying startups, investors, and funding data to tracking valuations, exits, and funding evolution. Our data and filters enable you to create customized charts and market maps, meeting your specific needs.

MAGNiTT Solutions can help you with the following;

  1. Identify and track funding activities of over 25,000+ startups by using over 30 available filters to refine search results. 

  2. Identify and track the most active investors within the Middle East, Pakistan, Turkey, Africa and Singapore - by sector, stage of development and geography.

  3. Access market knowledge and insights with our research and build their own customized graphs and charts for any industry and geography of your choice.

  4. Dedicated Account Executive for technical support, access to a dedicated account manager for strategic best practices and report walkthroughs, and finally quarterly management sessions with the CEO. 

  5. Leverage social media channels and newsletters to promote your activities, interests and initiatives to an audience of over 120k entrepreneurs, investors and executives within the MENA ecosystem. 


Our competitive advantages and how are we different from our competitors

  1. Verified Data - Rather than rely on 3rd party sources of information, MAGNiTT has built direct relationships with investors, startups and ecosystem enablers to ensure our data is verified and comprehensive.

  2. Account Management - MAGNiTT’s account management team has built expertise specifically within startup ecosystems in the Middle East and Africa. Their function is not limited to customer support, but transferring knowledge and insights covering these ecosystems.

  3. Country focused research - MAGNiTT produces and publishes country specific research. While our competitors view the Middle East as a single entity, or as part of Asia, we understand that each geography has its own unique characteristics. In our country and industry reports, each country is analyzed separately. 

  4. Custom Requests - MAGNiTT can offer custom research requests. Due to our direct relationships with investors and startups, our data and research teams can go beyond the confines of MAGNiTT’s database to produce insights upon request.

  5. Marketing & Promotion - MAGNiTT is not only a data source, but also an advertising platform. We have helped over 100 clients position themselves as thought leaders, attract startups to their programs, or promote their ecosystem initiatives.


 Need help? 

If you have any questions, let us know. Feel free to reach out to us by sending us a message here