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At MAGNiTT Directories, we put you, the client, at the heart of our mission. Our platform is your ultimate resource for uncovering the world of startups and investors. With a staggering 24,000 startups, a network of 7,000 investors, and a record of 600 exits, our directories provide you with a goldmine of information.

But that's not all. We go the extra mile by offering you extensive funding details and a curated list of people's portfolios, ensuring you have the most comprehensive insights into the dynamic entrepreneurial landscape. Your success and informed decision-making are our top priorities, and our directories are designed with you in mind.



  • Startups: Discover key details like funding date, headquarters, industry, and funding stage, valuations, team member, contact details, last date raised, last amount raised and more.
  • Investors: Explore investor profiles, including headquarters, industry focus, and investment stage.
  • Exits: Get insights into successful exits, including exit dates, valuation, and acquirer.
  • Investments (or Funding Rounds): Explore funding round details like date, amount raised, and participating investors.
  • Funds: Access information on venture capital and private equity funds, including fund size and industry focus.
  • List of People: Explore individuals' profiles, their enterprises, geographical whereabouts, and the overall funds accumulated throughout their entrepreneurial endeavors.

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