MAGNiTT API for Seamless Data Integration

    At MAGNiTT, our client-centric API ensures effortless communication and data exchange between diverse software applications, empowering you with efficient information sharing and integration. Our data is your key to unlocking valuable insights into investments, funding stages, and the players in emerging venture markets. With access to this data, you gain the foundation for informed decision-making and the ability to pinpoint growth opportunities.

    The MAGNiTT API is your gateway to a potent and adaptable solution for accessing venture data. Its seamless integration features empower you to effortlessly retrieve and integrate pertinent information into your own applications and systems, putting you in control of the insights you need.


    Some example of filters available:

    • Company Name: Filter data by the name of the company involved in the venture transaction.
    • Description: Refine results based on keywords or phrases in the company's description.
    • City: Narrow down data by the city where the company is headquartered.
    • Industry: Filter data based on the industry or sector in which the company operates.
    • Investor Name: Retrieve data related to specific investors involved in the transactions.
    • Business Type: Refine results by the type of business, such as startups, scale-ups, or established companies.
    • Development Stage: Filter data by the stage of company development (e.g., early-stage, growth-stage).
    • Total Amount Raised: Retrieve data based on the funding amount raised by companies.
    • Number of Investments: Filter data by the number of investments made by a specific company or investor.
    • Funding Stage: Refine results based on the funding stage, such as seed, series A, series B, or later-stage funding.
    • Revenue Generating: Filter data to include only revenue-generating companies.
    • Number of Founders: Narrow down results by the number of founders associated with the companies.

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