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How to add a Team Member to my Company Profile

Include your team members in your company profile on MAGNiTT platform to grant them convenient access to update your company information whenever necessary.

Everything on your company page, with the exception of the company name, is editable by individuals from your team who are presently registered within your company profile on the MAGNiTT platform.

Here are the steps to add a team member to your company profile;
  1. Login into your “Profile
  2. Go to "My Companies"
  3. Select the company and click "Edit"

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4. Proceed to "Startup Team" or "Investor Team" depending if you are a startup or an investor

5. Fill in the "Add Team Member" - enter her name and add her role and click the "Add Team Member" button.


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6. Press the "Next" button until you reach the last page of the form and press "Save Changes" to update the profile successfully. The new team member will automatically reflect in your company profile. 

Tips: The new member who you just added, will be able to add new team members in the company profile if needed.

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