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Terms & Conditions


We have updated our Terms and Conditions, these updates were made to support our evolving business as well as our users and to provide additional helpful information to contractual parties to understand their duties, rights, and responsibilities.

The updates to our Terms discussed below are effective immediately for all first-time and existing MAGNiTT users beginning February 28, 2023. 

You can read the full terms in the link here, along with key changes and other important information below.

If you do not agree with any or all of the changes, you must stop using the services immediately and email support@magnitt.com to suspend your subscription (if any).


Updates made to MAGNiTT Terms and Conditions


  • This section has been added to ensure that contractual parties understand the components of the terms and conditions to avoid ambiguity. 

Purpose and Use of Services

  • We shed light on the use of data, reports, or any information that is obtained from the MAGNiTT platform.
  • We provided more details regarding conditions and permissions when subscribers are incorporating MAGNiTT’s data into derived work presentations and reports. 

Proprietary Rights Conditions

  • We updated this clause to provide more information on MAGNiTT’s ownership of data, publications, and content on the Website and its rights. 

Indemnity and liability terms

  • We address in detail the legal framework of both parties' responsibilities derived from the usage of our services.

MAGNiTT Subscriptions

  • We provided additional information on user access, limitations, and responsibilities.

Payment & Refunds

  • We highlighted the subscriber's duties and responsibilities on the government fees and taxes (including VAT) to avoid uncertainty and disputes.
  • We provided additional helpful information about contract termination due to breach of contract and explained how refund eligibility will be handled.

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