What is MAGNiTT?

MAGNiTT  is a SaaS platform that provides data, analytics, insights and reports on venture capital funding, start-ups, and investors across the Middle East, Africa, Pakistan, Turkey and Singapore.


What are the data you can find on MAGNiTT platform?

  • Directories
    • Startups: Discover key details of Startups funding date, headquarters, industry, and funding stage, valuations, team members, contact details, last date raised, last amount raised and more. 
    • Investor: Explore investor profiles, including headquarters, industry focus, and investment stage. 
    • Exits: Get insights into successful exits, including exit dates, valuation, and acquirer. 
    • Funds: Access information on venture capital and private equity funds, including fund size and industry focus.
    • People: Explore individuals' profiles, their enterprises, geographical whereabouts, and the overall funds accumulated throughout their entrepreneurial endeavors.

Startups (1)

  • Venture Investment Reports & Bespoke Research - Our reports deep dive into market, industry, country and regional trends across the Middle East, Africa, Turkey, Pakistan and Singapore and offer a holistic overview of the startup ecosystem.

  • Advance Analytics - Use our real-time charts to filter through funding, valuations, exits, startups and investors where you can analyze information by industry, geography, funding stage and round brackets and monitor the trends that matter to you by month, quarter or year.

    • Startup Analysis
    • Market Sizing
    • Deal Size Analysis
    • Geographical Benchmarking
    • Industry Benchmarking
    • Investor Ranking
    • Exit Analysis 

We Cater Solutions For All Clients Interested in Emerging Venture

  • Government  - Benchmarking and policy making
  • Corporates - Startup sourcing, market sizing, finding investment opportunities
  • Conferences - Sourcing speakers, visitors and exhibitors
  • Big Tech - Prospecting and market sizing
  • Investors - VC research, startup sourcing, competitive analysis for portfolio companies
  • Banks, Financial Institutions and Investment Banking Firms - Startup sourcing, research, prospecting, promoting innovation programs
  • Service Providers (law firms, insurance companies) - Identifying and prospecting high growth tech startups, corporates and investors.
  • Consultants - Bespoke research projects
  • Universities and Educational Institutions - Researching the VC space


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