Add funding round information for Investor

Add your company's investment information

In order to access and add funding rounds, you must have a company profile and must be a registered team member in the same company profile on the platform.  

Watch this short video or follow below steps on how to add your funding investment information to your company profile. 

Step 1. Go to your profile dashboard, click "My Companies" and go to the "Investors" tab and click the "Edit" button.

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Step 2.  From the lefts side menu, select "Funding Data” and click the "+ Add Funding Round” button.

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Step 3. Search and select the startup company you have invested in and add the funding details and the breakdown such as Date Raised, Investment Vehicle, Investor Deal Term and Amount Raised.

After filling up the breakdown details, you must click the “Add breakdown” button to save your new Funding round. 

Note, do not go straight to "Submit", as this will not save your new Funding round if "Add Breakdown" was not clicked first. 

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What if the startup profile doesn't appear in the Startup filed?

It means that the company profile is not available on MAGNiTT. However, you can create a basic profile for the startup in minutes by clicking on the “Create their Profile Here” button on the Funding Data page.  Once this is done, go back to Step 2 of this article.

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What if the funding round information already exists on MAGNiTT?

If the funding round already exists, but you are not displayed as an investor, you can either "Request to Join" the same round or add another breakdown by pressing the "Add another investment in the same round" button and click "Submit". Continue pressing the "Next" button until you reach the "Save Changes" button on the last page to save it successfully.

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Step 4. To add other investors that participated in the Funding rounds, click “Edit” then go to the “Add Investor” button and add the information such as Investor Deal Term, Investor Type, Name and Contribution.

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Step 5. Once you have added all your funding round data, along with the breakdown and investor(s), click the “Submit” button. Continue to press the "Next" button until you reach the last step which is the “Social and Contact” section. 

All the funding rounds that you have added will only be registered once you press the “Save Changes” button on the last page of the form.

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You will see a pop up message once you have added your funding rounds successfully.

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Keep in mind that the funding round(s) you just added will automatically reflect as "Pending" in your company profile and will show as "Verified" once our data team verifies the data. 


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